Great update, beautiful design and more user friendly! I can use this to help find intersections and tool tangent points for cnc programming... For $30 to have a geometrically accurate 3d cad system on your smartphone... Unimaginable only a decade ago.
a Galaxy S2 User

Easy Interface.

Create your drawings with a convenient and intuitive workspace.

AutoQ3D CAD workspace helps you to make drawing and designs easier and faster. The tools are arranged and available for easy access.

 preset views Preset Views.

See your drawings from different points of view.

When you work in 2D, you're essentially limited to panning and zooming. As you start working in 3D, you need to change the way you look at your 3D drawing. AutoQ3D CAD allows you to view your 3D models using orthogonal and isometric preset viewpoints, along with giving you the ability to adjust the view of a 3D drawing by panning, zooming and rotating a view. You can use preset viewpoints to make navigating your 3D models easier when modeling. AutoQ3D CAD comes with a preset viewpoints that allow you to navigate around a 3D model. There are a total of seven preset viewpoints: Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front, Back and Isometric.

Drawing Tools.

Create surface models by using 3D primitive geometry.

You can create surfaces models by using 3D primitive geometry such as spheres and boxes. Draw your own surfaces from 2D primitives using extrude and revolve. Primitives are basic geometric shapes that create 3D models.

 drawing tools
 modify tools Modification Tools.

Draw 3D models using complex operations.

Trim, Fillet, Offset, Extend, Explode and Slice are some of the tools to help you draw easier and faster.

Snapping Tools.

Increase the accuracy of creating and modifying objects in 2D and 3D drawings.

Object snapping increase the accuracy of creating and modifying objects in 2D and 3D drawings. You can draw to the midpoint or from the endpoint of an object or use any of the other objects snaps to snap to points on objects.

 snapping tools
 grouping tools tablet Grouping Tools.

Organize objects with grouping functions.

Organizing objects by groups allow you to make sure that groups of objects have the same entity properties. Grouping functions are useful to manipulate several objects as one entity simplifying the process of manipulating them.

 Stylus Pen Support.

More control and accuracy.

If your smarthphone or tablet has and integrated pen you are able to see specific icons on the screen  to pan or zoom within the pen as you would do with the finger touch. You are able to use the pen and touch to set points too, that gives you more control and accuracy over your drawings.
stylus support 

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