Finally, a full customizable keyboard extension for your iPhone and iPad. FullKeys Keyboard support 4 different layouts sizes with a numeric keyboard.

FullKeys Keyboard Features

FullKeys Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


FullKeys supports 4 layout sizes: Compact, Normal, Extended 1 and Extended 2.

Numeric keyboard

Makes entering number-based information easier and means less input errors.


Built your own keyboard with any combination of letters, symbols or emojis.

Special characters

Use any special characters as the tilde or accents.

Full keyboard experience at your fingertips

  • Fully alphanumeric customizable keyboard

  • Compact numeric keyboard

  • Fun with emojis

  • English and spanish language supported

FullKeys Privacy Policy

Política de Privacidad de FullKeys


  • FullKeys does not use the Internet.

  • FullKeys does not send data off your device.

  • FullKeys does not collect any private data from the user.

  • The "Full Access" permission, if granted, is used by FullKeys only in keyboards customizations.


  • FullKeys no usa el Internet.

  • FullKeys no envía ningún dato fuera de tu dispositivo.

  • FullKeys no guarda datos privados del usuario.

  • La opción "Permitir acceso completo", es utilizada por FullKeys sólo para crear y personalizar tus propios teclados.

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