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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This Getting Started guide will show you the basics of AutoQ3D CAD for iPad. You will notice that it is not just a paint program with 3d capabilities but a precise 2D/3D CAD system for your iPad.

When the AutoQ3D launch, select the draw option and then the rectangle

01 main-screen02 draw-menu
03 rectangle-toolTouch on snap button and enable "Grid" and enable snap

04 snap-options05 snap-on
06 snap-gridMove the cursor to 0,0 position and keep touching the screen and then give a second touch to everywhere on drawing area to "click"

07 rectangle-first-corner
07 rectangle-first-corner-2
Move to coordinate 6,4 and make a second touch on drawing area to "click"

08 rectangle-second-corner09 rectangle-second-cornerThat will finish the rectangle command, now we are going to draw an arc, and select the draw option and then the arc

10 arc-toolNow touch the screen to move the cursor to the position 6,4 and make a second touch on drawing area to "click"

11 arc-first
12 arc-first-tapNow to enter the second point, we are going to input the coordinates manually. Touch on instructions(Top of screen) and will display the current options, and select ">>Value":

14 arc-value15 arc-value-tapThe iPad will display the keyboard to enter the value manually. Enter "@-3,3", the "@" means It is a relative coordinate to the current point, en then click OK.

16 arc-set-value
17 arc-set-value-1Then select the third point moving the cursor on the endpoint and then make a second touch on drawing area to "click"

18 arc-end-point
19 arc-end-point-tap
20 arc-finishThat will finish the "arc" command, to erase the top line of rectangle, touch the screen and set the cursor with the small square pointing to the line and then make a second touch on drawing area to "click" and release the touch (Note: if you maintain touching the screen with the second input and then move the cursor then will do a window select). To unselect or cancel the current command press <ESC>

21 selected-lineTouch the "Top options" button and then select "erase"

22 top-options23 erase-tool
Now we are going to do a round fillet. Press the menu button and select "Modify" and then fillet

24 fillet-toolTouch on instructions area to change the fillet radius, select "Radius"

25 fillet-radius

Touch again on instructions area and select ">>Value" and enter value "1" in keyboard and press "OK"
26 fillet-radius-value28 fillet-radius-value29 fillet-radius-setvalue
30 fillet-radius-setvalueSelect the line setting the cursor small square over lower corner of line, and then make a second touch on drawing area to "click". Then select the line setting the cursor small square over right side of line, and then make a second touch on drawing area to "click"

31 selected-line32 selected-line33 selected-line34 selected-lineThen click on <ESC> and that will finish the fillet command
36 quit-fillet

To change the view press the "View" button (you can change the view when you are setting points and then return to continue setting points)

37 viewTouch and drag the view to the desire point

38 pan
Then press the Done button to return to normal view39 view-done

40 finished-drawing


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