This guide will show you the basics of AutoQ3D CAD for smartphone or tablets using Android. However most of the examples can be applied to Apple devices as iPad and iPhone.

As you forwards this tutorial, you will notice that AutoQ3D CAD is not a paint or sketch application but a precise 2D / 3D CAD application.

In the following pages, you will learn how to make an easy drawing step by step to get familiar with the user interface. Lest’s start.

When AutoQ3D starts, touch the Menu button and then select Draw – Rectangle.

getting_started_android_step1 getting_started_android_step2 getting_started_android_step3

Touch Snap button and then select Grid.

getting_started_android_step4 getting_started_android_step5 getting_started_android_step6

Move your pointer to coordinates 0,0 and hold touching the screen, then second touch to everywhere on the Drawing area.


Move to coordinates 6,4 and set the points using the second touch procedure as in the previous step.

getting_started_android_step8 getting_started_android_step9

Now that you have a rectangle, touch Snap button and select Endpoint.


Select Draw – Arc.

getting_started_android_step11 getting_started_android_step12

Touch your screen to move your pointer to coordinates 6,4 and second touch the Drawing area.


To input the second point, we will input coordinates manually. Just touch on top of the screen and select >>Value.

getting_started_android_step14 getting_started_android_step15

A virtual numeric keyboard appears. Type “@-3, 3”. The “@” symbol means that the coordinate is relative to the current point. Finally touch OK button.


Select the third point, just move your cursor to the end point and finally second touch on Drawing area.


Now we will erase the line located at the top. Just touch the screen and set the cursor with the small square pointing to the line and then make a second touch on Drawing area, finally release the touch. Note: if you maintain touching the screen with the second input and then move the cursor, then you will select a region. To cancel the current command just press Esc button.


Touch Top option button and select Erase tool.

getting_started_android_step19 getting_started_android_step20

Now, we will make a round fillet. Press the Menu button and select Modify-Fillet tool.

getting_started_android_step21 getting_started_android_step22

Select the line. Touch the top of the screen, select Radius”. Select Value and then type “1”.

getting_started_android_step23  getting_started_android_step25 getting_started_android_step26

getting_started_android_step27 getting_started_android_step28


Select the right side of the line, then press Esc button to finish using Fillet tool.

getting_started_android_step29 getting_started_android_step30