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Blank-Catalog AutoQ3D CAD for iPad & iPhone User Manual

Download (29.8M - PDF)

Blank-Catalog Getting Started Guides

These guides provide basic information about AutoQ3D CAD functionality. We suggest to see all of them to get familiar with cad drawing.

for Android devices for iOS devices  for Desktop systems (PDF)

 A PDF viewer requiered for view these documents

List of Tools (PDF)
Mobile User Interface (PDF)
How to set specific points (PDF)
How to use the second touch (PDF)
Selecting Objects (PDF)
Moving Objects (PDF)
Scaling Objects (PDF)
Stretching Objects (PDF)
Line tool (PDF)
Zoom tool (PDF)


video-iconVideo Tutorials

These tutorials are designed to provide a better understanding of AutoQ3D CAD. They provide basic information, sometimes about fairly complex topics. For these video tutorials we have used Android and iOS mobile devices but the most of these tutorials will show you the same application functionality whether you use Android or iOS. We suggest to see all of them to get familiar with cad drawing.
See the Video Tutorials in YouTube >>>

Introductional video for Mac
Introductional video for iPad
Introductional video for iPhone
Introductional video for Android

users Forums

Go to Support Forum >>>


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